The best solution against alopecia. Propecia is the best modern medicine.

Problems with the scalp are perhaps on the second place after sexual dysfunction. The days when a bald man was devilishly attractive, charming and sexy, have passed. After all, where’s the sexiness and masculine, if there is a lack of the male hormone testosterone?!

The solution of this problem came from the developers of one of the pharmaceutical companies. So, Propecia Finasteride is a drug for baldness treatment.

The tool was tested on men from 16 countries. They included the USA, France, Germany, Sweden and others.

Men were taking Propecia for five years. The significant changes were not observed in the period of 1-3 months of treatment. After 3 months, 40% of the subjects noticed that the loss of hair had stopped, after 9 months 50% of men noticed the start of the growth of hair in place of its absence.

After a year of taking Propecia Finasteride, more than 85% of men noticed the full restoration of the growth of hair.

The cause of baldness can be inherited or acquired, but the there is likely one solution – Propecia.

How does it work?

Finasteride binds the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase of the 2nd type that contributes to the transformation of the male hormone testosterone to another hormone – dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is the main culprit in the loss of hair. Therefore, the drug contributes to a decrease of concentration of DHT in the body, which is the consequence of the cessation of hair follicles (i.e. Propecia hair loss stops).

Instructions for use

Before taking the drug you should consult with your doctor or with a specialist.

The recommended dose is one tablet each day with or without food. As a rule, you need more than three months of daily intake of Propecia in order to increase hair growth and decrease or stop the Propecia hair loss. It is best to continue the treatment foe achieving maximum results. Your hair will return to the previous state in a year after the discontinuation of the drug.

Drug Contraindications

Finasteride is strictly forbidden to take:

to children and women (especially pregnant or preparing for pregnancy)
in case of hypersensitivity to any ingredients of the medication.

Unwanted effects

Less than 1% of all subjects in the treatment process complained about the deterioration of sexual opportunities, men are a little weaker in terms of erectile function. The problems have gone after receiving the drug, returning to former male intimate force.

Generic or brand?

There is no unequivocal opinion on this subject. Generic Propecia is a complete analogue of the brand drug. You can purchase Propecia online at a low cost because the price of the generics does not include the costs of clinical trials and costs for promotion and advertising of the brand. The cost of analogue is 3-4 times less than the price of Propecia.

Generic Propecia is manufactured in compliance with international quality standards and checked on the level of efficiency and security. It is available even to low-income patients. It was examined by live people who were desperate to return to its former beauty, but their hope did not disappoint them!

The price of Propecia Finasteride is quite acceptable, the drug has proved its efficiency for many years.
Cheap Propecia contains the active ingredient – Finasteride. When this drug appeared on the world pharmaceutical market, it was a tool for the treatment of prostate. But later it proved itself as a medicine for male pattern baldness. Propecia has passed numerous clinical trials, which found that men got rid of baldness regardless of what nationality or race.

After you buy Propecia online and take the drug the old hair stopped falling out, stimulating growth of new one.

Generic Propecia is a complete analogue of the original drug. The price of branded cheap Propecia is quite high because it includes the costs of development and clinical testing of the product. Generic Propecia is made according to the formula of the developer, that’s why the price does not include expenses on brand. The chemical composition and the effects of Generic are the same as of the original drug.

How to save during the purchase of Propecia finasteride?

Usually, Propecia Finasteride (a trade name is Generic Propecia) are taken by men for a long period of time up to one year. Within this period of time they have to waste money on these tablets. Therefore, each man who suffers from alopecia has a question: how to buy cheap propecia finasteride and save on the treatment?

Such attractive conditions for buying drug for the treatment of alopecia attract millions of men all around the world and due to the low prices, convenient and quality service everybody now can stop the hair loss and start a new life with beautiful hair.