Pharmacological action of Propecia and special instructions

The main component of the drug finasteride is approved for use in the treatment of BPH in 1992. It has been empirically proved that men, who take 1 mg of finasteride, noted the growth of hair in typical areas of baldness.

The main reason for male lose of hair, is development of excess male hormone dihydrotestosterone in the hair follicles.

The accumulation of the hormone adversely affects the hair, leading to its precipitation.

Propecia inhibits the formation of harmful hormone that immediately affects the condition of the hair. They become thicker and stronger because of the increased growth and restoration of the structure.

The main reason for early baldness of men is genetic predisposition associated with an excess of dihydrotestosterone in the hair follicle.

The process of hair loss may be the following factors:

Bad habits (alcohol and smoking);


Improper diet;


Allergic reactions;

Sleep disturbances, etc.

Alopecia can disturb quite a young person (under 20 years). It was previously believed that the disease is not completely curable. However, the doctors were able to effectively deal with this pathology in the late of the 20th century, when Propecia was synthesized.

Biologically active substance of finasteride, which is included in the Generic Propecia, is fast enough to stop male Propecia hair loss caused by the high content of hormone of dihydrotestosterone, excess of which make hair follicles experience high blood pressure and the damage.
Finasteride inhibits the enzyme necessary for conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, thereby directly working on the main cause of alopecia.

Method of application

Generic Propecia is taken at the dosage of 1 tablet 1 time a day. The treatment lasts at least 6-8 months.
You must understand that this drug will not restore a lush head of hair, but only stops further Propecia hair loss. Empirically it was found that 95% of men who had taken the drug for more than 1 year, experienced the stop of Propecia hair loss.

Due to the fact that hair grows slowly, you can see a positive result only in 3-4 months.
It is recommended to buy propecia online and periodically repeat the course of treatment with this drug to consolidate the positive effect

Possible side effects

Long-term clinical studies have shown that even prolonged use of Generic Propecia do not have any negative impact on the human body.

Side effects from taking Generic Propecia are observed in very rare cases. They include allergic reaction (rash, itching, redness) or reduce of potency. The failure of the drug led to the immediate disappearance of side effects.

There are no data on the negative impact on the body as a result of overdose. The clinical trials established that the drug has no effect on the intake of other drugs.

You will lose about half or two-thirds of the regrown hair in 6 months after stop taking Propecia. You will lose all all the restored hair after 12 months of discontinuation of the drug. The amount of hair that can be restored upon resumption of the drug depends on the duration of the interval between stopping and resuming.

If the interval lasts more than a year, it is unlikely possible to return the lost amount of hair during a break of course.

Cheap Propecia is taken orally and works systemically.

Can it be taken by women?

Merck, the manufacturer of Propecia Finasteride, have completed the 3rd phase of clinical studies on the effects of Finasteride ( Propecia ) for women in menopause.

The conclusion was made that finasteride is completely ineffective for the treatment of female androgenetic alopecia.

Officially Merck does not recommend the use of finasteride for women and the FDA has not approved its use on women. Some dermatologists put forward the hypothesis that the tests were conducted in deliberate manner to obtain negative results. Rumors (these are only rumors ) note that Merck wanted to deliberately prevent the approval of Propecia finasteride as a treatment for alopecia of women.

Propecia and Finasteride are very dangerous for pregnant women because it can disrupt the embryonic development of the male sex. There is a hypothesis that Merck wanted to avoid any legal action by women who had received Propecia finasteride during pregnancy and given birth to a child with serious birth defects. We should add that the manual instruction does not recommend women to buy propecia online and touch the pills without using latex gloves to avoid skin absorption of even a minimal part of matter.

Despite these contraindications some dermatologists will prescribe finasteride to treat female androgenetic alopecia. These dermatologists recommend their patients to use at least two methods of contraception when taking Propecia due to high risk of developing congenital malformations of the embryo in case of pregnancy.

However there are no data on the results of studies of finasteride to treat female androgenetic alopecia of women of childbearing age and during menopause.

Finasteride has been used by women of childbearing age suffering from hirsutism, with positive results. Studies conducted on women suffering from hirsutism have shown how finasteride can be effective in reducing the level of dihydrotesterone.

The study showed that finasteride is effective oral anti-androgen as spironolactone and flutamide, substances that are used to treat female androgenetic alopecia.