Propecia Finasteride

Doctors have recognized many forms of hair loss, however, the most common of them is androgenic alopecia. By the words of medical professionals about 90-95% of population is suffering hair loss, feeling only this alopecia form.

The studies results revealed that androgenic alopecia in men and women appears due to a great increase of male sex hormones.

Propecia, which is prescribed to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, has shown its efficacy against men baldness. Unfortunately, its the safety and efficacy was not tested and proved on women.

The main pharmacological effect is that Propecia is anti-tumor hormonal drug, which easy copes with hormones of men, who have androgenic alopecia.

Propecia is a 5a-reductase inhibitor of the second type, slowing the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, which leads to the reduction in serum concentration at the latter and skin, affecting pathogenetic link with androgenic alopecia.

To receive Propecia Finasteride, there are some contraindications that limit the acceptance and warn against complications. But contraindications do not refer to men, as the medication is completely safe for them and there are almost no restrictions on receiving.

Contraindications are applied only to women who are rigorously contraindicated to take Propecia drug in hair loss treatment.

Side effects of Propecia, informed by manufacturer: allergic reactions, reduced potency or libido, a reduction of ejaculation, gynecomastia, tenderness of the breast, increased concentrations of LH and FSH in the blood.

Propecia is taken inside, in 5mg daily, the minimum duration of the course is 6 months.

Advantages of Propecia for the treatment of baldness are obvious and proved by years of prosperous treatment. Propecia averts hair loss and repairs the growth just within the first year of admission.

However, Propecia is used to treat only androgenic hair loss, because it was created specifically for this type. But in dealing with androgenic alopecia, generic Propecia shows amazing results and high efficiency in action.

During the treatment of alopecia by Propecia drug men have to systematically control prostate for malignant tumor.

The pharmacological action of Propecia directly influences on the level of dihydrotestosterone in the entire body as a result of which false data about the resence of the cancer in prostate may appear. Determining this diagnosis it is necessary to have a detail examination.

The clinical studies conducted for the study of the medical interaction of Propecia with other medical drugs indicated that Propecia Finasteride almost did not interact with other medications due to which it may be used in the process of the treatment of the attendant chronic diseases of the man.

Pregnant women or women who are going to become mother should not touch the broken or crushed tablets of Propecia.

If the woman who is pregnant with baby-boy is in contact with the active ingredient of Propecia even through the skin, this may lead to the abnormal changes in the reproductive system of a child.

If the man does not have noticed results in one year of the use of Propecia, the further treatment may be unreasonable. It is necessary to have examination again, study the reasons of alopecia, and then solve the question about the renewal of Propecia use.

Propecia Finasteride is possible to buy without prescription. But before doing this, notice that, like every drug has side effects, Propecia without prescription and even with it, in this case, is no exception. In rare cases, patients, taking Propecia claimed about violation of potency, which disappeared after use of anti-hair loss drug.

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