Propecia is a drug that actively stimulates hair growth

This medicine is considered the second most important drug for men after Viagra.

The principle of operation

Part of Propecia contains the active ingredient Finasteride, which binds the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase of the 2nd type that contributes, in turn, to the transformation of the male hormone androgen testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The last one is a culprit of pattern baldness.

Finasteride reduces the body’s concentration of DHT, and this stops the damage of the hair follicles and stops the process of baldness.

Usage instructions

Propecia is only prescribed to men for treating androgenic, that is, hereditary Propecia hair loss.

You should take the drug at the dosage of one tablet once a day (fasting or with food).

Drug Contraindications

Propecia is contraindicated to children and women (especially pregnant!).

You should also not give the drug to people who have detected hypersensitivity to the components of medication.

Side effects

Negative manifestations were detected in men by approximately 0.8-1% of cases. They have observed a violation of erectile function, decrease of the amount of semen. However, all these symptoms disappeared after the rejection of the drug.

What should you choose: generic or the original drug?

Not everyone has access to expensive, original tool, many people are interested in an alternative drug, which has a similar effect but is less expensive. Propecia finasteride fully meets these requirements. The production technology, which is used by the manufacturers of branded drugs, has been used in the manufacture of Generic Propecia. The only condition is just a patented name of the original (it cannot be used until the expiration of the patent), but otherwise all the pharmacological properties are absolutely identical.

Generic Propecia (finasteride) is unique in efficiency and ease of use for the treatment of baldness of male hair. Before the appearance of Propecia the ways to fight male baldness did not take into account its specific cause and thus often did not have the desired result.

It is known that 95 percent of cases of male Propecia hair loss is of androgenic form, this phenomenon is called male-pattern baldness (MPB). Propecia precisely affects the cause of MPB. The receiving of one tablet per day makes its application not only spectacular but also easy.

Male pattern of baldness is the most insidious/dangerous kind of baldness. It hasn’t almost responded to treatment until recently. And it is despite the fact it is easier for a healthy young man to restore the hair than for a man who has undergone chemotherapy or radiation therapy or severe stress.

Сheap Propecia made a splash in the Western market of medicines. Today this drug is second only to Viagra on the marketability. This drug is gaining prominence and is actively promoted in the pharmaceutical market.

In other words, there are several types of baldness, but the main one is considered to be androgenetic alopecia that is due to heredity. According to experts, this form is observed in 90-95% of people suffering from hair loss. The studies revealed that the development of androgenetic alopecia is due to male sex hormones, both men and women.

Special instructions

Unwanted effects occur only in 0.5-1% of men who take Propecia Finasteride. They usually are connected with sexual life, weak libido, fragile erections, reduced sperm count. Side effects from the drugs cease to be manifested after completion of the course of treatment.

What should you buy: the generic or buy Propecia online?

Generic Propecia is a drug that is identical to the original versions of the branded funds, according to its composition and effectiveness. The high cost of branded drugs is due to high cost of production, manufacturers have to bear additional expenses on research and development.

Manufacturers of generic drugs use the same formula, but do not spend money on the brand. In fact, they produce exactly the same drug. But due to the fact that the original cheap Propecia is a patented drug, they have no right to give this name to their product. It is the only difference between the generic and the original drug.

Otherwise it is in no way inferior to the original, and even has a great advantage in a low cost. The price of cheap Propecia Generic is in 3-4 times less than the price of the brand.

Where can you buy Finasteride?

Laboratory tests, which were being carried out for five years, showed that this drug stimulates hair growth. You may buy Propecia online in our online pharmacy at any time.