Interesting facts about Propecia and important information about it

Not only women dream of beautiful thick hair but men as well. Unfortunately, age and the influence of various negative factors make men face with an unpleasant cosmetic defect – baldness.

In 1998, the American pharmaceutical company launched Propecia, which has helped millions of men to forget about this problem.

A curious fact is that the main active ingredient of this original drug is Finasteride. It was designed as a tool for the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia, which affects every second man over 50 years old (this is a benign neoplasm in the prostate, causing serious disorders of urination).

However, after the course of Finasteride the patients also noted a positive “side” effect – the appearance of new hair on the bald frontal scalp and crown.

The secret is very simple: the drug inhibits excessive production of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone, which is the reason for the development of prostatic hyperplasia and is gradually accumulated in the hair bulbs in normal conditions.

In the result, hair follicles are subjected to serious pressure, then they are damaged and die.

We should note that Propecia is intended to treat only male pattern baldness because of the nature of their exposure. Pregnant and lactating women are not recommended even to contact with this drug as it can have a negative impact on the fetus.

In America and Europe generic Propecia is one of the most effective and safe drugs for the treatment of male (androgenetic or hereditary) type of alopecia. 85% of patients say that they stop losing hair after taking finasteride, more than half of them have new full hair in a year.

Before taking the drug, you should consult qualified specialist because the drug has some contraindications (particularly allergic to one of its components). If you want to buy Propecia online, remember that it must be taken for at least 3-6 months to obtain a visible effect of ending the Propecia hair loss and hair growth.

The scheme of the use of medications is very simple: 1 tablet a day during or after meals.
Propecia is a drug known in the Western market as the best-selling product after Viagra.

Most men suffer from hereditary hair loss (androgenic alopecia).

In this case, testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) under the influence of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) gradually “narrows down” the hair follicle as long as the follicles are unable to reproduce the visible hair.

But Propecia helps for the treatment of inherited baldness (androgenic alopecia). Cheap Propecia is considered a special drug to block Propecia hair loss and stimulate new hair growth.

What is generic Propecia?

This medicine is used for the treatment of male type of baldness (hereditary baldness) . This tool is designed only for men and should not be used by women or children.

When should you buy Propecia online?

The sooner you begin to use this drug, the more hair you will save.

The clinical studies showed that 86% of men retained the existing hair or even increased the number of hair on their heads during the first year of receiving the drug.

Propecia Finasteride is the first and only drug for inside use against male pattern baldness approved by the U.S. quality supervision.

If you stop to use cheap Propecia, it is likely that you will lose the hair that has grown due to taking finasteride.

Who should not take this drug?

Women and children up to 18 years should not use this drug.

The tool also should not be taken by those who are allergic to components of the drug.

Pregnant women or women, who plan to become pregnant, should not touch Propecia Finasteride tablets if they are broken or crumbled.