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Propecia description, dosage and important information.

Regular loss of hair is one of the most common problems of modern men and women. Hundreds of people around the world suffer from alopecia, which can disturb both youth and elderly people. Sometimes hair loss is accompanied by strong nervous tension or excitement, otherwise it is a result of the previously migrated diseases of the cardiovascular system, and still others tend to experience such problems in connection with the bad presence of hereditary predisposition.

But in any case, you shouldn’t worry because there was found a way out of the situation in the early 21st century. It is effective and safe medication Propecia.

It not only copes with its direct purpose, but also struggles with problem of a genetic propensity to the development of this disease. Buying such a drug, you notice the result of its action after a few months!

Drug composition

Propecia is a medical tool, which includes the active ingredient Finasteride (1 milligram). Finasteride is an inhibitor of the enzyme, the main function of which can be attributed to the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. This enzyme became popular in 1990 when specialists began to carry out the medical treatment of hyperplasia.

Drug action

The action of Propecia surprises by its speed and performance. It was specifically designed to treat alopecia occurred in the background of genetic factors. The drug gives excellent results after just a few months of its regular use.

Hair growth is restored on the entire area of the head, from the crown to the larger and deep receding hairlines on the forehead.

New, healthy and very strong hair grows on the head.

If Propecia is taken regularly (one tablet daily for 3-5 months) there is a slow reaction, which converts testosterone into a more active substance,which is able to energize, strengthen and fully resume both external and internal states of the hair follicles.

Due to the fact that this element does not influence directly on the production of all enzymes, but only stops their impact for some time, the effect of taking Propecia is maintained for the time when a patient uses this drug.

Drug contraindications

Propecia is prohibited to pregnant women and also the ladies in a state of active lactation.

Due to the presence in the female body of a large number of inhibitors of 5A-reductase, testosterone is not able to be transformed into the active element, causing the appearance of some abnormalities in the reproductive system of the fetus.

The tool is contraindicated to children and the elderly. In addition, if you have a special sensitivity to Propecia substances, you should also be cautious when you use the drug.

Side effects of the pills include:

  • A sharp decrease in the potency level
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • The occurrence of manifestations of such diseases as erectile dysfunction
  • Reducing number of emerging sperm

Propecia usage instructions

The effect of this drug is felt only in the case of its regular use. You should take a tablet of Propecia once a day (not fasting), drinking plenty of warm water. The daily dose must be established after the direct examination of a doctor.

You shouldn’t self-medicate in any case, inappropriate use of generic can give the opposite effect. Typically, the duration of the therapeutic course takes from 3 to 6 months without a break.

The duration of treatment depends on the individual characteristics of the body of a patient, and also the speed of growth of hair. If the therapy is stopped the hair will return to its original condition over the next few months.

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