Propecia stops baldness and improves men’s life

Propecia is one of the pair of medicines recognized by EMEA (European Agency for the Evaluation of medicinal products) and FDA (Management on control over quality of foodstuff and medicines), for relief of representatives of a strong half of mankind from baldness.

Experiments proved, this tool gives the ability to stop baldness in case of 85% of men. 50% of men noticed the growth of new hair in just a year, later the percentage increased to 65% in 2 years.

How does it work?

Propecia is based on Finasteride (active substance) that inhibits the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase of the second type, contributing to the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is the cause of baldness. Finasteride reduces DHT concentration in blood which helps to restore damaged hair follicles and therefore stop hair loss.

How should the drug be used?

You are advised to take 1 tablet every day regardless of meals.

If you want the results from cheap Propecia to become visible, it should be taken for at least 3-6 months. New hair will start to grow six months later. Hair faster appears on top of the head and also the areas located nearby.

Dosage regimen

The earlier the treatment is started, the easier and faster the alopecia symptoms will be defeated. Also, this will concern the dose which you have to take.

The minimal dose for men with non-neglected type of alopecia is 1 tablet of propecia finasteride 1 mg once a day.

If the treatment was started late and most part of the hair fell, it is better to take only 1 tablet of propecia finasteride 5 mg per day.

Drug contraindications

Propecia hair loss is contradicted:

to children and women (women should completely exclude contact with medicine in the case of pregnancy)
in case of a special sensitivity to individual components of the drug.

Negative effects

Side effects of Finasteride are very rare and concern male intimate sphere, namely: decreased libido and problems with erection. Negative effects completely disappear, if you stop taking the drug.

Original or Generic?

Generic Propecia is absolutely identical to the popular brand. A considerable price of generic Propecia is caused by expenses on experience and development. Firms, that produce generics, just take the ready-made formula brands.

They differ from the original only in the fact that they are not allowed to call it a patented name. However, the advantages of generics are obvious – you buy Propecia online the identical drug according to chemical composition, as well as the action of the drug, but the price of generic Propecia is in 3-4 times lower.

Propecia is a medicine approved by the FDA and EMEA and assisting in the treatment of male pattern baldness. This drug has passed numerous clinical trials. According to statistics, this drug can stop baldness in case of 8% of males. 50% of men, who have different stages of baldness, begin to notice the growth of new hair in a year. If cheap Propecia is taken for two years, this percentage will be 65%. If you stop taking the medication, the new hair will possibly fall out in 10 months.

In this case, dihydrotestosterone again negatively affects the hair follicles.

It is sufficient to take the Propecia hair loss for 3 months for a noticeable effect. In six months you will detect new hair growth in the place of the fallen one. Best of all, they begin to grow on the crown and on the next adjacent sections.
Clinical trials of the drug were lasting for five years. They were held in such countries as Switzerland, South Africa, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Israel, UK, total number was 16. The results of completed clinical trials were published in major international medical journal. The article of K. Kaufman was called “Long multinational experience with finasteride 1 mg in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia of men”.

Experiments have shown that 1 mg of active substance of cheap Propecia finasteride:

treats male pattern baldness safely and efficiently regardless of nationality
Finasteride reduces hair loss, improving their condition and stimulating new growth of hair. 86% of the subjects notice the stop of the hair loss, 65% of them notice that the hair begins to grow. 2 years later, these figures are even higher.

Side effect of finasteride is reduced libido, which was marked only by 3% of participants in the experiment. These phenomena disappeared when you stopped taking the drug.

Three months later Propecia hair loss slows down, it is significantly reduced after six months of the treatment, and there is even “eruption” of new hair; in a year the patient notices that the remained hair becomes better and the new hair grows instead of lost one. However, you take the drug a year after a year and it doesn’t bring the expected results, there is no reason to continue the treatment.

Men, who has been taking Propecia finasteride for 5 years, have achieved such results:

After 2 years of taking this tool:

99% of the men noticed that the loss of hair had stooped, 66% of men also observed the growth of new locks to replace the lost ones.

After 5 years of taking this tool:

9 out of 10 men noticed visible positive results in the condition of their hair: stop of the loss of hair (42%) or the growth of new hair to replace the lost one (48%).

2 of 3 men noted the growth of new hair

The majority of men saw a visible improvement of hair, which was confirmed by the doctors.

The vast majority of subjects confirmed that baldness or bald areas had become smaller.