Propecia is effective against men alopecia

Propecia is an effective drug that acts on the acute manifestations of baldness of men of different age groups. The drug is fighting the disease with a hereditary form: it has no effect on focal alopecia, and alopecia, which was caused by lack of vitamins or other nutrients in the body of a patient.

Numerous clinical studies showed that Propecia is the best medicine in the elimination of the lesion. Acting quickly and efficiently, it is eliminated from the body within hours. Excellent results of the effects of drugs are confirmed by numerous positive reviews from those who have already managed to try this tool in action.

Propecia comes in small tablets that should be taken only by men. They allow to fully normalizing the natural process of hair growth in the crown of the head, and forehead.

The effect of Propecia

The main function of Propecia is to instant block the formation of DHT. Despite the fact that visible results can be noticed only in a few weeks, this process is activated after taking the first pill. In most cases, hair grows at a rate of one centimeter per month.

Composition of Propecia

The composition of one tablet of Propecia contains the active ingredient Finasteride (1 milligram). Finasteride is a specific inhibitor, which plays an extremely important role in the male body: it converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Finasteride has gained popularity several decades ago thanks to the scientists who practiced therapeutic treatment of hyperplasia.

Indications for use

The main indication for the use of Propecia is androgenetic or hereditary hair loss of men. The pills help activate growth of hair, as well as the elimination of the slightest manifestation of hair loss. The treatment should not be carried out if the cause of baldness is another factor.

Dosage and method of intake

We should note that you should take Propecia for several months for the first visible effect. The minimum period of treatment is three months, a maximum period is10-12 months. The drug should be taken at the dosage of one tablet once a day regardless of mealtime.

Drug Contraindications

Doctors advise to pay attention to the list of contraindications, when the treatment of this method may lead to the worsening of health of a patient. Firstly, Propecia is prohibited to girls: the drug is strictly forbidden to accept by pregnant women and women during the period of lactation.

Secondly, it should be avoided by young children. Thirdly, we should not neglect contra-indications in the case of such a disease as prostatic hyperplasia. Moreover, it is recommended to be examined by a specialist before the treatment. Only an experienced physician can diagnose a particular disease, prescribe the direction to take required tests and approve the initiation of treatment with this drug.

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