Propecia Finasteride is a drug of new generation that copes with serious disease

There is a story of the “erroneous” invention of the cure for baldness Propecia. This miracle drug was developed for prostate treatment, but the test on volunteers have identified one “side” effect. Patients with the problems of hair noticed considerably improved covering of the head.

Subsequently, this proved so effective that it was decided to use this tool as a cure for male pattern baldness.

Men noticed the stop of hair loss and start of growing new hair in a very quick period of time after the start of treatment.

Finasteride was first approved in 1998 in the United States of America, as a medicine to combat androgenic alopecia (male-pattern baldness). It was firstly used as a treatment for prostate cancer, and many patients were very surprised when they noticed the growth of new hair on the bald patches.

This effect was not expected by anybody. Today cheap Propecia is one of the most popular and best-selling drugs in Europe and the United States of America.

One of the major problems of modern men is hair loss. Stronger sex suffers from it as well as women suffer from wrinkles. There is a perception in society that a man should be a little nicer than monkey, but you should trust me that it is not so.

Recently men have begun to take care of themselves, just as women do and we see no shame in that! A man is a real man, even when he thinks about his appearance!

Many folk and not really folk remedies, modern and old ones provide a guarantee for the restoration of hair but only one drug, Finasteride (Propecia), has been tested in France, the USA, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Israel, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Mexico, Norway, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, UK.

Men from 16 countries took part in the test of the drug from falling out of the hair.

Propecia had an effect on 95 percent of the subjects, 65 percent of them noticed that their hair stopped to fall in a year, and 95 percent reported this in two years.

The developers claim that Finasteride did not work only on 2 or 3 men after 2 years of treatment (in this case nothing will help to solve the problem with the baldness).

If the medication is taken up to five years, then you will forget once and for all about baldness or loss of hair!

Principles of action

The effect of Propecia Finasteride is based on the binding of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase of the 2nd type that assists the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the main culprit of baldness. So cheap Propecia reduces DHT level in the body of the patient, which contributes to the suspension damage to the hair follicles, and in turn, stops Propecia hair loss.

How should you use the drug?

The drug was made strictly for men. You should consult a doctor before buy Propecia online.

The recommended serving is one pill daily, regardless of the use of food.

You should buy propecia online and take the drug for 3 or more months before you see the growth of hair and/or decrease of the speed of Propecia hair loss. It is advisable to continue the course of treatment to achieve the best possible results. Cessation of Finasteride leads to a return to a previous state within 12 months.

Drug contraindications

Propecia is forbidden to use in the following cases:

women and children (women should evade any contact with the product, if they are pregnant or are going to become pregnant)
hypersensitivity to any components of the medication.

Side effects

As a rule, the main side effect was a disruption of the male reproductive system among 3.2 thousands subjects. There were observed decrease in the sperm count, and lack of erection.

These side effects disappeared among those who had suspended the use of Propecia Finasteride and those who had continued its use.

The original product has no differences from the Generic

According to the definition of the companies of pharmaceutical manufacturers, generic is an analogue of the modern pharmaceutical products. It is believed that originals should be opposed by fake and counterfeit drugs. However, generics are not among them. Generics fully repeat brand products and are produced in absolute compliance with international quality standards (GMP).

It is particularly important that the release of generics requires relatively less cost compared to originals. There is no need to deposit money into research, patent and promotion, and therefore, the price of Generic Propecia with the full coincidence of the medicinal properties with the brand is much lower.

This is the main and actual superiority of generics.

It is better to take the tablets in the morning regardless of eating.

After stopping propecia hair loss while taking the maximal dose of 5 mg it is necessary to reduce the dose up to the maintaining minimal one.

Do side effects appear during the drug use?

Usually, the use of this drug does not cause any side reaction in men. The change of the level of the sex hormones does not cause a disorder in the work of the internals or other organs of the body.

During the treatment of Propecia hair loss men rather rarely indicated the reduction of libido, amount of ejaculate, and also some problems with gaining erection.

These problems are connected with the change of the hormone balance and pass after the end of the treatment or adaptation of the body to the action of the active components of this drug.

At the same time the reproductive function of the man was not changed at all and sexual health was completely restored in a short period of time.